About Us

Services We Offer
Services we offer… As Eurostar overseas education consultancy, we provide support by conducting research for people who decide to study abroad. Throughout the education life, our experienced and reliable team provides services with a focus on the satisfaction of students and families. You are at the right address for the best overseas education consultancy services.

Services We Provide Domestically
We enable you to determine the most suitable country, city and university for you.

We provide quality consultancy services so that you can choose the right university, department and country. Our reliable and experienced team guides the students in the best way and offers them the most suitable options so that they can easily reach their goals.

We are doing your school enrollment process.
You have made your choice of university. If it’s time for registration, we carry out services on your behalf, such as preparing the documents needed for the completion of the pre-registration procedures and initiating the proceedings.

We provide visa consultancy service.
Our consultants, who are experts in visa issues, provide visa consultancy services. We provide services in areas such as obtaining visas, organizing files, eliminating deficiencies, and making visa appointments.

We organize economical flight tickets.

We provide support to students by finding cheap flight tickets at the most affordable and attractive prices. We search for airline tickets by finding an airport close to the center of your preferred country.

Services We Provide Abroad
Our services for universities in many different countries in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, Georgia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kosovo, Ukraine and Moldova continue even when you are abroad. We offer special services for a quality student life in these countries.

We arrange airport pick-up and transfer.
Persons assigned by our company, which provides guidance services, meet you at the airport in the country you are going to and help you provide the necessary transfer to reach your accommodation. We provide the necessary services for you to be placed in the school and dormitory of your choice.

We arrange your Health Insurance.
Medical fees abroad can be expensive. For this reason, we provide support for you to have health insurance valid in the country of your choice so that you do not experience victimization.

We arrange your accommodation.
Whichever country you chose, we offer accommodation alternatives to you, students, and determine the most suitable one for your needs. We also inform you about the most ideal accommodation options for your family budget.

We assist with university enrollment procedures.
We prevent you from experiencing any problems during the registration process. We eliminate all obstacles and ensure that your registration process starts.

We do city and university orientation.
Don’t know about the country or city you are going to? You don’t need to be upset. We prepare a detailed report on the country you choose and introduce you to the country and the university so that you can easily adapt to the city you will go to abroad and not have any difficulties. Students are informed in terms of culture, shopping and transportation.

We assist with residence permit and other official applications.
Even if you stay in the destination country for a short time, you need to obtain a residence permit in order to avoid problems. Necessary applications and preparation of documents are provided by our institution. We also provide services to students in transactions such as opening an account, obtaining a line and student card.

We provide support in emergencies.
Our staff, which we have authorized to students who prefer us as an education consultancy firm, helps them in emergencies. Students who call our expert advisors at any time of the day can request support.

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