Bacau Vâsile Alecsandri Üniversitesi

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Romanya’da Eğitim

Bacau Vâsile Alecsandri Üniversitesi


BFU is a university in Bacau, Romania. It offers 34 bachelor’s, 43 master’s and 10 PhD programs. It has a modern architecture and well-equipped classrooms. BFU has an international reputation in science and technology, economics, management and humanities. The university promotes internationalization to provide its students with the best education possible.

BFU was established in 1941 as Universitatea de Stat Bacau (USB). The name was changed to Universitatea de Stat Bacau si Tecate (USBT). In 1959, the university was renamed Universitatea de Stat Bacau si Sibiu (USBUS). It was reorganized as a Romanian university in 1968, and Bacau became the main campus. The rector of USBU is appointed by the Romanian president and is responsible for the management of the university. There are eight faculties at USBU; the largest one is Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences is responsible for providing courses on history, culture, geography, political science, sociology and psychology. Faculty of Mathematics, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology, Faculty of Computer Science, Information Technologies and Management have their own departments as well.

There are 14 faculties at BFU. Faculty of Agriculture is the largest faculty at BFU with 18 departments: Animal Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, Food Chemistry and Technology, Landscape Architecture & Management and Poultry Science & Technology as well as Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Medicine which have three departments each. Faculty of Law has four faculties: Civil Law (10 departments), Criminal Law (9 departments) and Legislation (8 departments). The International Relations department teaches courses related to international affairs while the Foreign Service department prepares students for diplomatic careers. Faculty of Economics has three faculties: Economic Theory (10 departments), Banking & Finance (14 departments) and Management (8 departments). Besides offering bachelor’s degrees in economics, BFU also offers master’s degrees in economic theory as well as macroeconomics and financial control & analysis. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has five faculties: Chemical Machinery (10 departments), Civil Engineering (12 departments), Energy Engineering (13 departments), Metallurgy & Materials Science Engineering (6 departments) and Naval Machinery (6 departments). Additionally, there are seven faculties in Education; these include Curriculum Development & Education Analysis, Educational Leadership & Management and Pedagogical Sciences with four departments each.

BFU’s original name was Universitatea de Stat Bacau si Tecate (USB). This means ‘the University of State Bacau and Coke Plant.’ In 1957-1958, BFU received permission to use tecate for educational purposes. In 1959-1960, USB changed its name to Universitatea de Stat Bacau si Sibiu (USBUS). This means ‘the University of State Bacau and Sibiu’ because Sibiu was the new name for Sibiu which was the previous location for USBUS. Eventually in 1968-1969 USBUS became a Romanian university with a general law on universities; this gave it legal status along with other Romanian universities.

Bacau is one of Romania’s most industrialized areas. The city has well-developed industries such as coal mining, steel making and automotive manufacturing. As a result, BAC is one of Romania’s most reputable universities in engineering due to its strong ties to industry. There are two engineering schools at BAC- the Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Silvasubotra – GATUS -and Ștefan Budistean Technical University of Automotive Engineering – TUBASA – both located in Bacau County with around 17000 students between them every year. It also has 8 foreign colleges with around 7000 students between them every year; these are from Germany, China and Bulgaria respectively.

BFU is a highly ranked university that offers various courses worldwide. Its modern architecture inspires creativity


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